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5 Ways to Make Cozy, Small Rooms Feel Larger

March 24, 2021

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small room that looks bigger

You love your old house. You chose it because of its history and charm. Sure, it has some quirks, but it has great bones and amazing potential. One pitfall is the size of the rooms—you’re worried about feeling cramped instead of cozy. Although expanding the small rooms likely isn’t an option, you can still make them feel much bigger. In this post, you’ll learn ways that you can open up and create the illusion of more space in little rooms.

Bring in a Large Mirror

A wisely positioned mirror on the wall can help a room appear to almost double in size. It tricks the mind into thinking there’s more space than there actually is. Plus, a mirror can reflect natural light, which helps with space perception.

Get Rid of Clutter

Nothing makes a space feel more crowded than when it’s full of stuff. Although your rooms should certainly have furniture, remove any unnecessary pieces, and consider using a minimalist style for the furniture. Keep these rooms clean and surfaces uncluttered so that you or your guests don’t get overwhelmed with stuff.

Increase the Lighting

Dark rooms are not just uninviting but also perceived as being smaller. If the room needs more illumination, you can put in fixtures that dissipate light throughout the room. One interesting lighting trick you can use is to orient the light so that it touches multiple surfaces (e.g., two walls, the ceiling and a wall, furniture, etc.).

Add in House Plants

If you remember elementary school science, you’ll know that plants make oxygen, which means that incorporating plants in a small room literally fills it with more air. However, even on an aesthetic level, strategically placed house plants can bring the wide, open outdoors inside and help a room feel larger.

Choose Lighter Paint Colors

While some designers say that you shouldn’t paint a room with true white, lighter colors like pale blue, gray, or tan can make the room seem more open. Just be careful because some lighter colors like light pink may not be a good match for the kind of ambience you’re trying to create. Your painter can provide some insight as to which color(s) would best give the effect for a small room.

Ultimately, you may not be able to control the square footage of your rooms, but you can follow these simple, effective tips and create a more open atmosphere. That way, everyone else can appreciate the charm of your old house, just like you do.

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