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Professional Painters – Dallas, TX

How Do You Get Started? We Can Help

Preparing Your Interior

Woman taking art work off the wall

  • Remove any paintings or pictures from your walls. We wouldn’t paint over them, but this way, you can know exactly where they are!
  • Collect any small knickknacks from tables, shelves, mantels, etc.
  • If we’re painting a closet, please remove everything from it as well.
  • Make sure that any pets or small children are secure during the process.
  • Please remove any child or pet gates that would inhibit us from moving freely in your house.

How We Will Prepare the Interior

Men taping prior to painting

  • Move all furniture
  • Remove (and reinstall) all drapery
  • We’ll line the floors and cover anything with fresh plastic every day
  • Remove and replace all light switches and outlet plates
  • Perform general repairs on walls and ceilings if stated in our estimate (taping, replace sheetrock, sanding)
  • Texturize upon request
  • Fill all holes and cracks
  • Caulk any cracks along doorjambs, baseboards, and ceiling crowns
  • Scuff, sand, and clean all wood before painting
  • Remove any wallpaper

Preparing Your Exterior

Freshly painted house

  • Please turn off your sprinkler system while we’re painting your house—it can wash off wet paint and unexpectedly douse our team!
  • Remove all outer wall hangings and plants.
  • Secure any outdoor pets.

How We Will Prepare the Exterior

Power washing house

  • Powerwash and handwash any surfaces that are going to be painted
  • Scrape away any loose paint
  • Prime bare/new wood to help it hold onto new paint
  • Caulk all windows and entrances, including major wood joints to reduce air flow and help you save on your air conditioning bill (if stated in the estimate)