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5 Awesome Tips for Making Small Rooms Look Larger

July 2, 2023

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a well-lit, modern interior room

Living in a small space can sometimes feel cozy and secure, but other times, it can present unique design challenges, among other issues. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies you can employ to make even the smallest room feel more inviting, spacious, and comfortable. One such idea is a new coat of paint! In this blog, we’ll explore a few other useful tips to help you transform your quarters into a visually expansive haven.

1. Choose Light Colors

When it comes to creating the illusion of space, color is your best friend. While you might want to avoid pure white, other lighter colors such as pastels and soft grays can still trick the eyes into making space feel more open. Consider a light blue to expand a tiny bathroom or kitchen, or a light gray to give that guestroom a more spacious feel!

2. Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent tool for increasing the look of a space’s size; especially a large mirror that occupies most of one of the walls in a room. You can also strategically place them across from windows or walls to bounce light around the room, making it feel larger and more open. If you’re working with a small bathroom, consider a vanity mirror over the sink!

3. Declutter and Organize

One of the most effective ways to open up a small room is to declutter and keep things organized; the less clutter you have, the more spacious things will appear. You can counteract clutter by investing in smart storage solutions to keep things tidy and out of sight.

4. Consider Multi-Functional Furniture

You might also consider investing in furniture that serves multiple purposes. A sofa bed or futon, a fold-out dining table, or even ottomans with hidden storage can help maximize space while maintaining functionality. Better yet, many of these pieces come in minimalistic designs and various styles to meet all sorts of design needs—and they can always be painted!

5. Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can work wonders in making a room feel more expansive. A dark, poorly lit room will inherently feel more enclosed than a well-lit room. Avoid heavy curtains that block light and opt for sheer or light-colored curtains that allow sunlight in. It’s also best to orient lighting so that it sweeps broadly across different surfaces of a room. With the right color of paint, this can make a room feel quite airy and spacious!

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