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How Does Light Influence the Color of Interior Paint?

November 2, 2023

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a painted room with natural lighting

There are few things as exciting as repainting the interior of your home and establishing your abode as a comfortable, inviting, and beautiful setting! That said, nothing would be more tragic than to go through all of that hard work, only for your paint to look different due to natural lighting! What’s worse is that even artificial interior lighting can influence the color of paint, too. Continue reading below to learn more about the interplay between light and paint color so that you can make a well-informed decision that leaves you with fantastic-looking results!

How Does Light Influence Paint Color?

The bottom line is that there are several reasons why paint might not retain its original color once it has been applied to a wall. Sometimes the paint wasn’t applied properly or evenly, or sometimes enough layers might not have been added. In other cases, paint that’s on walls within high-traffic areas might experience scuffing and wear-and-tear that alters its color.

However, light is actually perhaps the biggest factor in play. Natural lighting, or light that enters from the outside that’s provided by the sun, can be quite problematic. Since this type of light changes in intensity throughout the day and throughout the seasons, it can influence the shade of paint. For instance, morning light tends to be cooler and bluish, while evening light is more yellow or red.

Artificial light, which refers to light that is being emitted from interior sources like lamps, overhead lights, wall sconces, etc. also varies in temperature and degrees of brightness, meaning it can also affect the color of painted walls. Different types of bulbs like incandescent bulbs tend to produce warm, yellow-toned light, while LEDs and fluorescent bulbs’ intensities can vary from cool to warm. The positioning of these lights can also cast shadows, which change how things seem!

How Can I Make a Well-Informed Decision?

By considering both natural and artificial lighting, experimenting with samples and different finishes, and seeking professional guidance when needed, you can make well-informed decisions that bring out the best in your chosen paint colors.

Consider the positions of all light sources in your home, both natural and artificial, and plan accordingly using paint samples. Also, be mindful of the effect that certain finishes can have; for instance, gloss can add depth, but appears reflective under certain lights, whereas flat finishes tend to bounce off less light.

You also shouldn’t hesitate to consult with a team of professionals if you’re unsure about whether a particular color will shift when exposed to light—they know best, and can help you achieve results that look great and don’t unexpectedly change at the flip of a light switch!

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