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HOAs and Exterior Painting: 4 Must-Know Tips

February 2, 2024

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To put it simply, homeowners’ associations can be both a blessing and a burden to those living in the affected neighborhood. With all of the benefits that come with being a part of these associations, including keeping the area clean and well-maintained, there are also drawbacks—mainly those affecting your home’s appearance. For example, if you’re thinking about painting your home, you might have to take certain considerations or make choices to ensure your compliance with the HOA’s policies. Here are a few tips that’ll help you to do this!

Tip #1. Know About Any Restrictions

It’s not unheard of for homeowners’ associations to have restrictions on exterior paint colors—and you should absolutely be aware of them, especially if you want to paint your home. They exist so that neighborhoods look and feel maintained, organized, and downright pleasing to the eye. Educate yourself on what paint colors are permitted by your HOA before you even begin to look at color samples; choosing one only to find out you can’t use it can be very disappointing!

Tip #2. Consider Your Neighbors’ Homes

There’s a good chance that your HOA won’t allow you to use the exact same color scheme as one of your neighbors; believe it or not, this level of uniformity can actually be very off-putting. However, you’ll still have quite a bit of flexibility, even after you’ve marked off colors that are on the houses surrounding yours. Similar colors are fine—just don’t duplicate them exactly.

Tip #3. Ask for Permission

You’ll also need to ask permission from the HOA to paint your home’s exterior. This will give them a chance to review the colors you’ve chosen to ensure that they meet the HOA’s guidelines—unfortunately, if you’re hoping to go with a vibrant, non-traditional color, you might be out of luck. That said, if you’ve done your research and made a sensible choice, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

Tip #4. Trust a Professional

At the end of the day, HOAs want their neighborhoods to look nice, meaning that your paint job needs to look nice and clean. If your job looks sloppy, you may end up having to redo it! That said, the best way to ensure that things look great is to entrust your project to a team of professionals. They have the skills, experience, and know-how to deliver results that’ll please any HOA member!

About Platinum Painting of Dallas

Our team here at Platinum Painting of Dallas has assisted countless homeowners in Dallas and the surrounding metroplex over the last 15 years, offering expert assistance with a wide variety of interior and exterior painting projects. We also have plenty of experience working with HOAs, so rest assured, we’ll work hard to make sure that your results are up to your standards. If you have any questions about the article or you’d like to get in touch with our team, feel free to reach out online or by phone today! Telephone: (214) 347-7269.

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